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Gas Distribution

Gas Distribution Systems

Standardising your Gas Delivery Systems can have huge benefits for your facility, helping ease of operation, reduced leakage and improved pressurised gas safety. 

Swagelok now offer Gas Distribution Systems in standardised designs to make it easier to purchase, install and operate. Gas Distribution systems deliver gases from high pressure sources to your facility, configurable to the pressure and flow requirements to meet your needs.

Swagelok Gas Distribution System can be used anywhere you currently have gas cylinders installed, as well as in-lab, point of use applications. Have you checked your gas delivery system integrity? Need help? We can help. 

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There are 4 standard models available to configure to your specific needs;

Swagelok® Point of Use

(SPU) Model

 Swagelok® Gas Panel

(SGP) Model

SPU Model SGP Model
Ideal for point of use applications, where primary regulation in the cylinder bay requires in-lab style control, via this second stage, compact solution. Perfect for in-lab applications and multi-gas configurations. Ideal for applications where primary regulation is needed via a single or dual-stage configuration. Perfect for cylinder bays and analyser houses. 

Swagelok® Source Inlet

(SSI) Model

Swagelok® Changeover

(SCO) Model

     SSI Model      SCO Model
Ideal for bulk connection of multiple high pressure gas bottles to a single supply line, typically connects to a SCO or SGP model for the regulation stage.  Ideal for applications where continuous gas supply is required with the system switching from one gas source to another to ensure uninterrupted supply. Perfect for hospitals, high volume and calibration gas applications.

Benefits of Swagelok's Gas Distribution Systems

  • Easy to maintain, understand and operate
  • Single part number, making it easier to order and re-order
  • Made from Swagelok quality components, reducing leakage
  • Standard models that are configurable to your specific needs
  • Built by certified Swagelok installers, always reliable and safe
  • Covered by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty

View: Gas Distribution Product Catalogue

Download: 2 Page Easy Reference Guide


Leverage Swagelok expertise to help design your optimal gas delivery system

We know that facilities are stretched by limited resources, meaning you have less people and less time to check system integrity which can have a negative effect on your operational performance and safety.

Swagelok Fluid System Evaluation Services can help review your existing gas deliver systems to simplify the design, reducing components and making it easier and safer to use. Swagelok can review your gas system to help you understand the current state of your gas systems. 

Swagelok will provide you with a detailed report, highlighting our recommendations based on your system design, leakage and operational performance. 

This service is vital to support customers who do not currently have an inspection process for their facility or are wanting to improve safety and standardise installations, making them safer and easier to use.