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Induction Training

Induction Training

Swagelok Training Services can assist customers in developing Induction Training plans for new and existing staff. It's imperative to create a positive, safe culture early in your staff members employment and you can expect a boost in staff morale, a stronger understanding of pressure and a commitment to safety, following Swagelok Induction Training.  Swagelok offer a wide range of training solutions, including; 

As well as Industry Focused Training courses, including; 

  • Thread Identification
  • Corrosion
  • Pressure Regulator Basics
  • Valve Selection
  • Cone & Thread Installation
  • Gas Distribution Systems

any many more....

Induction Training Plans can be a mixture of all the above courses, tailored to your specific application needs. We work with your training co-ordinator to develop the courses and set timelines to deliver this training.  


"The theoretical and hands-on onsite training sessions Swagelok provide, were a great assistance to our research strength, but also a strong safety contribution to our schools operation" - Safety Officer at a leading University in Sydney


Contact Swagelok today to discuss your training needs and start your journey to a safe, efficient and reliable facility.