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Swagelok Australia & New Zealand

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Driving Efficiency to Lower Costs

Swagelok can help evaluate your system to implement cost efficiencies.


Supporting the Chemical and Refining Industries

Chemical & Refining Industries rely on Swagelok to support maintaining process system integrity, through fabrication services, system leak evaluations, shutdown and turnaround support and installation training to minimise leakage, improve system performance and reliability and increase safety on their plant.

Analytical systems are the core of any chemical refining plant, they maintain product quality ensuring high yield rates and operational excellence across the plant. Swagelok is synonymous with analytical systems providing a leak tight, cold work solution for complex aggressive fluid applications with the Swagelok tube fitting. Swagelok has a long history of manufacturing sample conditioning systems, sample probe assemblies as well as a full range of liquid and gas grab sample panels and sample cylinders.

Onsite knowledge of analytical systems is reducing as years go by, Swagelok Australia and New Zealand can empower engineer and analytical chemists with industry leading technical and practical courses. From the tube fitting and bending course ensuring maintenance excellence and ensure leak tight safe systems are installed on the plant; to the Process Analyser Sampling System course allowing engineers to stay at the cutting edge of the field and learn from industry experts.

Products & Services That Support You.

PrESS Products Group

PrESS Products Group

Pre-engineered fluid sampling and control subsystems bring efficiency and consistency to your operations. Use Swagelok pre-engineered subsystems to create fully documented fluid sampling and control systems without acquiring and assembling multiple parts.

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Understand the cost of leakage

Swagelok Evaluation and Advisory services provide customers in a wide range of industries including Oil & Gas, Chem & Refining and Power, the opportunity to enhance and improve their systems, eliminating risk, leakage and increasing safety.

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Industry Training Services

Swagelok Training programs provide a range of valuable and practical tools for meeting day-to-day challenges related to fluid system operation and maintenance. In-depth, hands-on courses taught by experienced instructors help both new team members and industry veterans.

Water Harris You Tube Clip

Swagelok supports you with Installation Surveys and Process Analyser Sample Systems training.

Tony Waters and Phil Harris discuss common issues found in sample systems.

White Martins Gases Industriais Ltda, Praxair, Inc.

Praxair relies on Swagelok products to ensure safe production

Explore how White Martins Gases Industriais Ltda., a subsidiary of Praxair, Inc., maintains its record of safety and quality with the help of Swagelok’s people, products, training, and custom solutions.

GKS Research and Production Enterprise

GKS Research and Production Enterprise fortifies system reliability with Swagelok

Hear how GKS Research and Production Enterprise uses Swagelok products and installation training to ensure the reliability of its equipment.

Wherever You Are, We're There.

As a global organisation with strong local presence,Swagelok® can support you no matter whether your operating area is the Taranaki Basin, Santos Basin, Bass Strait, Queensland coal gas area or the Papua New Guinea highlands. Local sales and service centers deliver on personal service that leads to high-value relationships you can count on in the long run.

When you partner with Swagelok, you connect to a technology leader. You gain access to high-quality fluid system components, training, leak-detection services, shutdown support and a global network of knowledgeable associates who are passionate about helping you solve the tough problems you face in discovering new energy reserves.

You also connect to top-notch engineering, design, materials science, and logistics support. We know oil and gas, we understand the applications, and we know the standards and regulations. We can help you overcome challenges, like the harsh environments that produce conditions like corrosion,  hindering your operations. Need help? We're here!