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Improve efficiency & reliability in plant operations.

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Shutdown Training Plans

Swagelok Essentials Training can help upskill your team, before your turnaround project

Fitting and Bending Essentials

Swagelok® Plant Turnaround & Shutdown Support

Engineering Support

A plant shutdown/turnaround is a critical event in the lifecycle of a plant, ensuring that the plant continues to operate efficiently and safely.

Plant shutdown/turnarounds are an enormous undertaking that rely on many months or years of planning to effectively execute successfully, and on schedule. The scheduling of human resources, equipment, parts etc requires commitment from suppliers and labour hire companies to ensure timelines are met. 

A critical area that is often missed is the early engagement with suppliers. Leveraging their technical expertise, engineering services, manufacturing capabilities as well as the products they supply, can be highly valuable and contribute to a successful shutdown/turnaround project.




The Typical Lifecycle of a Shutdown/Turnaround Project

Shutdown/turnaround projects typically follow a simple lifecycle, from the strategic planning concept phase right through to the reflection stage, which feeds into the next shutdown plan. Swagelok can help with all 5 stages of a typical shutdown project.

Strategy Strategic Planning

We can help mitigate turnaround risks through a comprehensive risk framework, helping understand your project goals and using our global experience to guide readily available and cost effective solutions.  

Planning Detailed Planning Our Engineering Team help you set the scope priorities, through site walkdowns and key assessments of plant, including system evaluations. Swagelok engineering can support with system design support, reviewing longer lead time items and developing a procurement plan to ensure the parts arrive right when you need them. 
Organising Organising Long lead time items are identified and ordered, preventing delays in the future, while our Training Team are up-skilling your staff in the safe installation of fluid system components. Our fabrication team are also pre-assembling panels and systems to help reduce time working onsite. 
Execution Execution We support you as the turnaround happens, with vendor managed inventory, technical support and advice and tool hire, leveraging our project experience to keep your shutdown running smoothly.  
Reflection Reflection Once the project is complete, we can help review to learn and improve for the next shutdown, utilising leakage evaluations to ensure your plant is installed efficiently and operating leak free into the future. 



Specification Support

Front End Engineering & Design is crucial to a successful project, as is a strong, clear specification. Swagelok can help build a strong specification to ensure those working on your project, are working toward one common goal, your goal!


Our Engineering & Project teams can provide assistance to project planning, design and specification advice. 

Design Support

Minimise the risk of choosing non-standard components or selecting long lead time items, too late in the project timeline, by getting Swagelok Engineers involved early in your shutdown planning phase. 


We can help identify those at-risk items, and leverage our global experience to select readily available products that will help you through the entire life of plant. 

Engineering Support

System Evaluations

Preventative maintenance is the key piece of a successful plant operation, and Swagelok Field Engineers can walkdown your facility and help evaluate the performance of your systems, before your next shutdown. 


This service delivers a details report, illustrating all the ways you can reduce leakage and emissions, while helping improve plant performance and safety. 


Fabrication Services

Minimise your time working onsite, requiring work permits and other safety procedures and leverage Swagelok's expertise in fabricating high quality panels and assemblies for your next shutdown project. 


Our Custom Solutions team can build to your drawings or help you design the most cost effective solution, so you can simply install and hook up onsite. 

Fitting & Bending Training

Installation Training

Ensure when work commences on-site, that your staff and contractors are adequately trained on the safe and economical installation of fluid system components with Swagelok Essentials Training. 


Swagelok offer a wide range of training packages that can be delivered on-site, to your staff, before they start work. 

Field Services - Leak Detection

Commissioning Support

The project is complete, it's time to re-start the plant, our team can support with post-start up system evaluations and advice, to ensure your plant is operating leak free and maintaining your high standards of safety into the future. 


Swagelok Engineers can check the work of contractors at or after start up, to ensure your plant operates safely.