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System cleanliness is paramount in pharmaceutical applications

Supporting Lifesciences

Swagelok supports the Lifesciences, Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical industries with a wide range of the highest quality product, helping to keep your plant operating leak free. 

Whether it's utilising traditional Sanitary Clamp style fittings or the new Swagelok TS style clamp, Swagelok helps you maintain plant cleanliness and performance, product quality and ensures you have a safe, leak free system.

TS Ferrules

Swagelok TS Ferrule

The TS Ferrule prevents restrictions in the orifice due to gasket extrusion, which can cause damming of product and cross contamination between batches.

The TS Ferrule delivers a bore-line seal with no hold up of product, helping you keep your plant operating efficiently and on-specification.  

Sanitary Fitting

Sanitary Connector

Easily convert from traditional Sanitary Clamp style fittings to Swagelok Two Ferrule Tube Fittings, with the Sanitary Clamp adapter. 

Make the transition from 1/4" tube fitting to 1/2" to 1-1/2" Sanitary Clamp with this simple, easy to use adapter. 

Sanitary Ball Valve

Ball Valves

The Swagelok 60 Series Ball Valve is available with Swagelok TS or Traditional Sanitary Clamp end connections. 

Optional surface finish roughness average (Ra) of 20 µin. (0.51 µm) or 15 µin. (0.38 µm) are available. 

Sanitary Hose


Swagelok offer a range of Hose Solutions with Traditional Sanitary Quick Clamps or the Swagelok TS Ferrule. 

With a wide range of sizes, materials and end connections, Swagelok has you covered for hose applications at your facility. 

Sanitary Regulators

Pressure Regulators

Swagelok Sanitary Regulators provide accurate gas control for FDA & USP Class VI applications. 

These regulators work to pressures up to 232 psig (16 Bar) with 1/2" to 1-1/2" Sanitary Clamp end connections. 

Tank Blanketing Regulators

Tank Blanketing

Swagelok Tank Blanketing Regulators can help accurately adjust the vapor space of a storage tank. 

A range sizes and pressures allows you to precisely protect your pressure-tight tank from damage or rupture.