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Engineered To Take The Pressure Off You

Failed hose assemblies require time and resources you just don’t have. Be prepared by taking a preventative approach with help from Swagelok Hose Advisory Services. We have the tools and talent to improve your overall operation, reducing safety concerns and costly downtime for peace of mind that can only come from a trusted partner like Swagelok.


The Swagelok Hose Advisory Service program combines consulting and an extensive range of product solutions—22 different hose types and 89 different end connections, for an unmatched variety of applications, including yours!



The service can be tailored to the your requirements but can consist of;

  • Inspection, evaluation and advice on installed hoses
  • Audit of installed hoses and development of a detailed Hose Bill of Materials
  • Compilation of hose datasheets
  • Development of a hose management plan

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