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Swagelok Australia & New Zealand

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Fitting & Bending Installation Training

We're committed to providing our customers with exceptional training options that align with their specific needs


Custom Assemblies For Your Unique Applications

Learn how we can design and produce solutions for your applications


Industry Focused Training

That provides you with relevant, up to date, industry training in a lunch & learn format

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Swagelok Training Courses

Swagelok is a recognised global leader in training installers, supervisors, engineers, operators, and managers in the proper use and installation of fluid system components. The hands-on training sessions provide participants with an advanced understanding of processes that can enhance workplace safety, and improve efficiency and productivity.

Meet The Training Team

Work safer and smarter, and keep up with the latest fluid system technologies, with Swagelok's customer training and education programs. 

Swagelok Training Overview

Swagelok offer a wide range of courses across 3 levels (as shown below). 

Lunch & Learns

Industry Focused Training

Industry Focused Training provides you with a range of short, 30-45 minute courses on Regulators Basics, Corrosion, Thread Identification and much more. 

These courses are delivered onsite to your team, or virtually via webinar, to up-skill your team on the chosen topics. Customers often bundle 2 or 3 of these courses into one training event. 

Fitting & Bending Training

Certified Training

Certified courses are assessable, meaning your staff complete a theoretical and/or practical assessment to ensure competency. 

There are a range of certified courses available from Fitting & Bending Training, Inspectors Courses and Orbital Welder Training. All attendees receive a certificate and card, upon successful completion.

Specialised Training

Specialised Training Events are those conducted by Swagelok Corporate Trainers, typically in a full day or multi-day training format. 

These courses include the 5 day Process Analyser Sampling System and Subsystems courses, as well as Material Sciences and Steam Systems events. All courses are delivered by subject matter experts in the relevant field.