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Swagelok Australia & New Zealand

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Fabrication and Assembly Services

Take the highest quality components, combine them with industry-leading engineering and technology, the result is fluid system assemblies like no other. That's what you get from Swagelok Custom Solutions. 

Regulator Panel

No one knows the inner workings of fluid system components better than Swagelok,  or how they best work together.

That's because Swagelok has been designing and manufacturing fluid system components for more than 70 years, no other company offering assembly services can say the same.

Whether you have a preliminary drawing or just the glimmer of an idea, it's not too early to consult with our fluid system experts. From quote to delivery, we can provide the detailed support you need:
  • CAD drawing
  • P&ID
  • Component selection (including sourcing the best parts from other suppliers, as needed)
  • Bill of materials
  • Professional services, such as bending and welding
  • Testing to guarantee the system
  • Professional packaging and delivery

We have experience in buiding;

View our Past Projects.

Learn more about how Swagelok Fabrication Services can fulfill your needs. You'll find no higher quality or expertise anywhere. Swagelok assemblies can meet specifications for any industry, no matter how demanding and Swagelok offer a range of additional services including;

  • Actuated Ball Valve Assemblies
  • Gas Changeover Panels
  • Regulator Assemblies
  • Relief Valve Setting
  • Sample Cylinder Assemblies
  • Tube Bending Services

You trust our components; now trust our experts to create the best fluid system assembly you can have.