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We Can Help Reduce Your Operating Costs

The process of performing a system audit begins in the hands of a dedicated Swagelok engineering professional. The capabilities of this fluid system expert encompass design, leak detection, troubleshooting, training as well as the assessment of a complete system.

Watch this video to see how we can help you.

We provide comprehensive engineering services with detailed reports - from design, engineering, and project management to system analysis and problem solving. This report will show the costs of leakage at your plant and detail remediation work required, prioritised by importance to you and your bottom line.

These results offer sound engineering insight on issues of reliability, productivity, profitability, energy conservation, and emission control. 


Improve efficiency in everyday plant operations by:

  • Increasing reliability, reducing energy consumption, and reducing emissions due to component failures, installation errors, and incorrect product selection
  • Reducing energy loss in everyday plant operations
  • Reducing operating costs associated with gas leaks