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Simple Regulator Solutions

Simplify your in lab pressure regulation with standardised solutions from Swagelok

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Keeping Students Safe Working with Pressure

Research & Development is key to driving advancements in technology and Swagelok can support with Industry Leading Training.

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Technical Support When You Need It Most

Swagelok can support your next R&D project with onsite or offsite technical support assistance. 

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Support for the Research and Laboratory markets.

With research equipment now measuring in "ppb" (parts per billion) or higher, the need for quality reliable safe gas supply systems is greater than ever. Many laboratories use expensive, gas mixtures with high and ultra-high purity and any leakage in these systems, can be very costly. 


Download: R&D Market Guide


Swagelok solutions have been utilised in many leading laboratories, universities and research organisations world wide where continuous supplies of high purity specialised gases, are required for applications such as gas chromatography. Systems built by Swagelok have an optimal design, using only the highest quality components, installed by certified installers and are covered by the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty. 


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There has been heavy investment into Hydrogen research since 2019 and Swagelok Australia & New Zealand have been involved in over 40 Hydrogen Projects. Swagelok have over 50 years experience for gas handling, reticulation systems and experimental applications for Hydrogen and other Flammable Gas applications. 


Download: Hydrogen Guide

Induction Training Plans

Swagelok can help tailor an Induction Training plan for new or existing staff and students, working with pressurised systems.


This enables the creation of a safe working culture and links your staff, with Swagelok technical resources. Contact Us 

Technical Support

Whether you need technical support over the phone, via email or onsite in your laboratory, Swagelok can support you with product selection & design assistance.


R&D customers rely and trust Swagelok, their components and their assemblies. Learn More about how we can help. 

Design & Fabrication

Swagelok have extensive experience in design assistance and fabrication services, helping you build quality systems and assemblies.


Partner with an industry expert for your next installation. Learn More about Swagelok Custom Solutions. 

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Online References

You are looking for information to make your job easier, Swagelok has many downloadable publications covering our products and services.

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How to keep the pressure right

Enabling uninterrupted flow of gases in critical applications with...

 - Simple Regulator Assemblies

 - Gas Distribution Systems



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