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Swagelok Australia & New Zealand

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Tube Fitting & Bending Essentials Training

Our comprehensive hands-on seminar ensures competency in tube fitting installation and function.

Fitting and Bending Essentials

Training Overview

Swagelok is a recognised global leader in training installers, supervisors, engineers, operators, and managers in the proper use and installation of fluid system components. The hands-on training sessions provide participants with an advanced understanding of processes that can enhance workplace safety, and improve efficiency and productivity.

Work safer and smarter, and keep up with the latest fluid system technologies, with Swagelok's customer training and education programs. 


Swagelok Offer 3 Levels of Training which can be combined into a training curriculum for your team.


Industry Focused Training

These short courses deliver training on topics like regulator basics, corrosion, valve selection and more, delivered by our local staff either virtually, or face to face at your facility. These courses run for 30-45 minutes each and are often bundled together into into a 2-3 hour sessions, covering the topics that you choose. 


Swagelok Certified Training

Swagelok Certified Training is provided by local, certified staff over a half day, full day or multiple days, depending on the course topic. Swagelok Certified Training provides your staff with certification upon successful completion of the courses and provides vital skills around a range of topics including Tube Fitting and Bending, Welding, System Inspection and more..


Specialised Training

Swagelok provide Specialised Training, utilises globally recognised presenters that are subject matter experts in their field. This training is typially delivered in an annual event style, so expressions of interest are important to obtain the required numbers to host an event. If you're interested, please express your interest.  

The course catalogue is continuously expanding; for more information on any of the courses listed above or how we can customise training to your unique requirements please contact our Training Team for more information. 

Master Installers Kit

Tools To Make The Job Easier

Once you're trained, you'll need quality tools to complete quality installations. 

e-DTR Catalogue

Get Your Catalogue

Swagelok e-DTR flashdrive catalogue will help you select the right products for the job. 

Field Engineering Evaluations

System Evaluation Services

Swagelok's Field Engineers can visit your site and help troubleshoot problematic systems.