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Specialised - Process Analyser Sampling Systems (PASS)

Optimise Your Sampling Systems. Avoid Costly Mistakes.

Swagelok Australia & New Zealand regularly host Process Analyser Sampling System (PASS) training courses in our region, which will teach you how to design and optimise process analyser sampling system, proving the sound design principles needed to prevent costly sampling system errors. 



Process Analyser Sampling Systems

Monday October 23rd to Friday October 27th 2023

Perth - Crown Towers



In this 5-day, instructor-led Process Analyser Training course, you'll be able to experience some of the following:

  • How a sampling system functions from the process line and tap through the transport lines and stream switching, sample conditioning, analyser and disposal processes
  • How to identify the root cause of issues related to system design
  • Engineering principles, formulas and calculations that are the basis for sound sampling system design
  • How to optimise your sampling system, prevent sampling system errors, and ensure accurate process analyser readings 

After this engaging, hands-on training, you’ll return to work with valuable knowledge and skills you can use right away.


This course is essential for system and design engineers, chemists, integrators, highly trained technicians, and anyone with an engineering background interested in understanding the fundamentals of designing, constructing, operating, or maintaining sampling systems. This course is also beneficial to newer team members seeking basic training or experienced professionals who want a refresher. 

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